Meeting New People




People are the reason we’re here. It’d be super boring if you were all alone

The Free Man

He had had a really tough time

L’Homme libre est celui qui sait réver, qui sait inventer sa proper vie – Martin Gray

The free man knows how to dream and how to invent his own life

Why hello

We do what we do…we do it because we can


Mount Congreve, Co. Waterford

A Row of Colour

In the OvalRed Bush

Colours in Trees

Tropical flowers

We got the chance to shoot Mount Congreve gardens yesterday in Co. Waterford, Ireland. The rain and wind really made the colours shine. These are a really beautiful, natural area which is kept so well. We had a lot of fun down there. TPJ x

Shut up and Play Jenga

On the rocks

Some people just get you…everything they say makes you want to shake them and shout ‘Wake up, you are fine, stop worrying and start smiling.’

Skate On, London

Skate On, London

In our experience here, they rarely listen to more than one sentence at a time because they are either thinking of another opinion or a new retort to your solution…

Keep it simple, keep it clean…just say ‘Shut up and Play Jenga’…they can say anything they like after that, nobody can tell you you made an unclear or unreasonable point. Everyone loves Jenga!

Cool tattoo girl

The Meaning of Life Explained by Third Graders

The Meaning of life explained by a third grader. Listen to it, Live it, Repeat it. Have a good one, TPJ x


Shooting TPJ

Kaizen is the Japenese philosophy of continuous, slow improvement…This is incredibly important because a great physical journey is only possible if your mentality is nourished with positive energy – Georges St. Pierre

Men at Work

These Bus Driving lads helped a Tiger out when I was lost and hadn’t a clue where I was. After a few greetings and a lot of laughs, they turned out to be some of the soundest guys I have met. Wherever life takes you gents, may the wind be at your back and the sun firmly on your face…TPJ x

Learn one thing, learn one hundred thousand things – Musashi Miyamoto

Bus Station

Man in Bus Station

#Mamma K Says: Seize The Day.

–in the words of our dearly departed Robin Williams. May he rest in a fit on giggles. And peace. May he rest in peace–

New York City
Currently, I am riding a 2 train on the way to an Improv class that I signed up for, maybe, 5 minutes ago. I don’t know if I’ll be there on time, and I don’t know if they’ll even let me into the class, but I’m taking my chances. I decided 5 minutes ago that I would seize this opportunity–so I think that today would be a great day to talk about opportunities.
Have an amazing, once-a-lifetime opportunity right in front of you that looks a bit intimidating? What if you fail? What if you don’t get exactly what you want out of it?
Think of it like an audition: your agent calls you to audition for a lead role in a feature film next Friday, and all you can think is that you’re not ready. You haven’t had enough training. Your résumé isn’t big enough. What if you botch your lines? Or freeze up? Isn’t there something called blacklisting? Can that happen to you? What if you get a crappy part instead?
JUST GO. Don’t think, just go.
If an opportunity is in front of you, take it. So what if you mess up? You can at least say that you tried. You can’t get blacklisted for making a mistake–you only get blacklisted if you really deserve it. And if you get a crappy part instead of the one you auditioned for, TAKE IT!
Come on! At least it’s a part! Don’t try to make excuses–you’re only hurting yourself in the end.
**UPDATE** So I got to the improv class 10 minutes late, but they let me in anyways! I mean, how could they not with my cheery smile and positive attitude? I also went to the improv show afterwards, which was AWESOME. If you ever find yourself in NYC, check them out:
I swear, a positive attitude, a willingness to take chances, and a desire to seize opportunities is all you really need to achieve your dreams.
Mamma K, a.k.a. SnoBear IV, out.
Brooklyn Bridge
I Love NY

Kilkee, Co. Clare

Met a Seal for the first time…he was great

Kilkee Co. Clare, Ireland


The Pollock Holes, Kilkee Co. Clare

Trying not to get wet

Met one of my idols…Richard Harris. He was playing Rackets

Headed to the West Coast of Ireland yesterday…it was lovely. Even went swim and met a seal. It was great craic. TPJ x


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