Boat from the Bridge

One of my favourite shots ever

Brooklyn July 2014

We may all have come on different ships, but we’re in the same Boat now – Martin Luther King Jnr


We hired a car from the nice Hertz guy below and went site-seeing, It was dope, loved it so much. The colours and the people are just so beautiful. I’d go back to Sardinia tomorrow if I could…Just wonderful. TPJ x

Racheli and Roni

Beautiful Mountain and Lake

Hertz Guy

Roni and Racheli


Guiseppe and friend


Just Pushing and Laughing

New York, August, 2014

New York, August, 2014

Feelings are Shit

Feelings, New York, 2014

Feelings, New York, 2014

Feelings are shit, worrying is pointless. If something is wrong try your best to get through it, if you can’t beat it or there is something more enjoyable out there just do that instead. Fear of failure leads to restriction of life. Feelings and emotions are shit, leave them at the gate and go for what you want 100%. Don’t let anyone make you feel unworthy…they’re dicks too. TPJ x

Watching Waiting Praying

Racheli on the boards

Sardinia, August 2014

Here’s the day you hoped would never come,

Don’t feed me violence just run with me,

Through rows of speeding cars – Imogen Heap



Nothing ever is wrong at the Ballet. Met these two girls on the Brooklyn Bridge in at the start of August. They were magical…TPJ x

Not Impressed


For you, the sun will be shining…. Eva Cassidy




Only unfulfilled love can be romantic – Vicky Christina Barcelona

Women looking in Mirrors: I’m Enough

This video of women being told by a magical mirror is one that got our tear ducts moving. It’s so lovely to see people being reaffirmed for no reason other than they might not hear it too often or have lost belief in themselves. I’m enough is a powerful saying. We just thought we’d share it.

On another nice note: we just broke through the 20,000 views mark. Thanks for all your support and hope you are enjoying it. Much love, as always, TPJ x

Orgosolo Gun Shots

Sardinia is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been to…Watch the sign with the Shotgun holes in it from Carthage…unreal

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