The Bitch is Back

How Brooklyn Sees Manhatten - Brooklyn July  2014

How Brooklyn Sees Manhatten – Brooklyn July 2014

Bin Man goes Crazy

I want to know what happened to him before this. My day has been bad, but Jesus, not as bad as his. Whoever you are, you are a funny guy. I’d pick you first for my football team! TPJ x

How are you today?

Water fountain Reflection

There is nothing wrong with life. Just stop and take it in. TPj x


imageLondon Squirrels Vs New York Squirrels

I suppose they speak in different accents






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NYC – Day 3 to Day 6

Started Classes, Started working. 

  1. Serious work
  2. Seriously talented people here 
  3. Teachers are amazing
  4. Considering moving here

That’s all that can be said really. Stuff has happened in between but nothing of consequence. Working hard, training hard, learning a shit load. Still loving it…but now it’s work.

TPJ is still in the air in the post. He is gonna have a field day with photography. He only posts photos that are 80% or higher than his previous photo so he will have many an adventure. 

Also joined a yoga class, it’s bloody awesome. Bought a mat for India Woooohoooo. 

Peace, b


Analysing is surprising four glow,

The cat stuck up there in the soft three purrs 

Going with the flow, you’re going two slow,

Resting with the rest, my mind’s one with hers image

The Dress Circle

We don’t care what we wear, we came here to chill and to drink…

We wear what we wear, We don’t give a fill what you think…

We’re women and we’re proud, of ourselves – Fuck the Draft…

I can be be loud, Say again Fuck the Draft…20140710_194940

Favourite NYC pics (thus far)

It’s… it’s… it’s a beautiful city to photograph. #NoWordsRequired image image image   image image       image



S20130721_193618Some things make the sky look wetter,

Some things make the sun shine on our shelves,

Some people change your day for the better,

Some people change your ideas for themselves.

One thing is for sure, the change is always coming…


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