Wonder, Changes.. Life

Green turns into a warm kind of orange.

Then carried away by the wind.

Its magical, every time..
Over and over again.
The seasons of life, things with no end.
We trust, we let go, we listen, we don’t wanna know, we can’t shut up.
Look up, let go… enjoy the nature and Life will guide you.
You show us a different version each year but the reaction still stays the same.
I never felt more powerful.
Walking along a dusty path on a sunny morning.
These proud trees showing off their colourful dresses.
Sunshine will guide you to a better place.
A new you, if you want it too.
Fully recharge your soul, your spirit and yourself.
Spread your wings.
A kind orange moment will become Today.

Roche’s Feeds

Roche’s Feeds Limerick

Two of our writers work for this company in Limerick city in Ireland. Not a bad video at all. Lots of big machinery.


James Bay and Ed Sheeran Duet

James Bay and Ed Sheeran

This is an unbelievable rendition of James Bay’s song Let it Go.

The two performers are great mates but also competitors in their fields for market share etc. It makes these performances that they do so much better. It tells the capitalists and producers that they like and respect each other enough just to rock up to each other’s gigs and play along.

Two super talented gentlemen who make beautiful music together. They remind us that that’s what it’s all about.


Photography Love



What it’s like to Photograph a Dying man


This is a remarkable piece. It’s very tough to be a photographer, especially a hard one. You have to take photos of terrible scenes and remain motionless, not helping in anyway.

War photography and poverty photography are similar. They are honest accounts of honest situations and the photographer has to be numb to the view and made of rock not to let the memories sink into their dreams at night.

This article published on npr.org tells the reader how a photographer gets ingrained in a persons life and becomes part of the family. The story is so consuming for the family, that if they trust the photographer to tell a truthful account of their tale, she becomes a very important person in their life. This story is particularly amazing because it is based in China, know for its strict propaganda control, and the fact that she spent four years with the family and the story changed dramatically from what she originally intended.

Photographers like James Nachtwey become so respected by their subjects that he can go to places like Syria, Afghanistan or Rwanda and shoot both sides of the conflict. Him, and only him, can walk across the front line, from one side to the other and photograph either sides preparation for battle.

This is an amazing right to have and be granted and this is where I want to become more involved in. You have to be made of rock not to let the images stray into your sleep at night and it is a very selfish profession but one actually is making a difference in the world.

Have a great Tuesday,


Sad photo

What a great weekend of Rugby

What at a Great Weekend of Rugby

Rugby World Cup 2015








Nicole Kidmanimage



What a week of rugby hey? England get punished for their indiscipline and cockiness by Wales and get spanked by Australia. Argentina get through and are happy out. Diego Maradonna even got into the dressing room to congratulate them. Scotland play at second string team against South Africa and look foolish and Italy make sure the world knows what Italian respect means with a gutsy performance and by far their best of the competition so far. They were so humble and gracious in defeat to really tested a frustrated Irish side on the field.

However there are still two teams remaining quiet: New Zealand and Ireland. The top two in the world because they know their battle on the field is coming and they are prepping hard. They are cantering a long just getting their jobs done, stretching their shoulders out if you will. I hope it comes down to the final game. That bare knuckle fight between O’Connell and McCaw is gonna be something shocking.

I mean both have difficult routes to the final but by know means are they difficult either. The English have it organised well. New Zealand were tested against Argentina, they’ll have France in the Quarters, South Africa in the Semis and Ireland in the final.

Ireland will have a good run out against France but it’s basically a training match (as they are already prepping to give NZ a tester in the Quarters), Argentina in the quarters where pay back is due from 2011. Wales will by next in the semis if they can keep fighting and bring Halfpenny or Phillips back and finally New Zealand.

It’s a pity we can’t school the Australians on Irish respect but they’ll get their deserved spanking from New Zealnd or Wales so we’re happy enough just to see them beaten. Controversially I was talking to Tom McGuirk about five weeks ago and he put 20 quid on with me that Australia would win it out. I wonder does he still stand by that. 15euro buyout is offered here Tom if you want to save yourself a fiver.




All in all, it was a fantastic weekend. I got to meet Matt Cardle and Nicole Kidman and the tiny dancer has a nice birthday weekend with friends. ‘Twas a fucking great time to be honest.

Hope y’all are well, it’s a new week and a fresh week and there’s a bite in the air. We in Ireland all remember Ronan O’Gara getting smashed with 11 unreturned and in defended punches and Brian O’Driscoll’s collar bone being broken for him for the Lions by Tuilagi. Now a Northern Hemisphere wave of green is coming for you… And you’ll get the reciprocated spanking you deserve. And you know it’s coming. And there’s nothing you can fuckin do about it.

As a good Aussie once said:

‘The time for honouring yourself will soon be at an end.’


What at a weekend of rugby hey. Wales smashed England, Ireland punished

Meeting Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman

I met Nicole Kidman last night…she’s even more beautiful in person and she was just so nice and generous. It was the small fellas birthday so he brought me to Photograph 51 and we didn’t even get in because it was sold out. We did get to meet Nicole Kidman though…so I was really happy. Her hands felt like velvet. It Really was a fun time! TPJ x

Irish Rugby at the Moment

Irish Rugby

By Tiger Paws Junior

Touring Party People

I was up in Sandymount in Dublin signing an acting contract there on Monday and as I was walking back into city, I became a little cold. I had fallen into a shadow, a shadow of one of the biggest homes in Dublin. The home of the Irish Rugby and Soccer teams – the Aviva Stadium. Or Lansdowne Road for all you pensioners reading this.

I thought I might as well go in and have an old gander given that we’re covering the World Cup in London and Cardiff.

I’d say I rocked up at around 4.30pm and the last tour started at 4pm so I was very late – bloody typical.

‘Not a bother’ said the nice lady at reception. She didn’t charge me a cent and she even escorted me to where the tour was at that moment (pitch side – my favourite).

We arrived at pitch, through the tunnell and we could immediately smell the beautiful turf being devoted over. I wouldn’t be surprised if tiny little hugable mice were employed to care for each blade of grass every morning and tell them a story before the sun goes down every night.


Ariel Shot of Grass Heaters


Chairs Other Side

Empty Chairs Saturated

Because I had missed about 35 minutes of the 1 hour tour, our tour guide kindly showed me the dressing rooms and training/shower facilities. What a nice guy…

Dressing Room


Warm Up Room

I think that last photo is amazing because it allows a proper warm up to be done in private, inside, with a clear head and no background noise to distract away from their one job. The headphones go in and the players are doing what they need to do individually.

I was reading Cara yesterday on a flight back to London and Conor (Murray) and Robbie Henshaw were talking about the prep for the World Cup and how it has to be a lot better than on any given Six Nations year.

They have more preparation time together. They all know each other better, they are tighter, they go on Roller-coasters and Jamie Heaslip forces them all to pose for a photo for his legions of social media fans or for his next Q/A special on Facebook (lolz)…in other words they are a tight group…and that really translates onto the field. They know each others movements completely because they have seen them before a few days ago. If Bowe is coming off the left into Payne, he knows exactly the second he should pass it to and that Kearney or Earls will be outside for a skip if the defence has rushed up. Zebo proved that with his 26 metre zinger to Earlsy over two blitzed defenders.

It’s just how it is in Ireland. Wales and New Zealand work on similar principles. England and Australia don’t.

I get hundreds of emails a day asking me why I am biased against England.

The answer is simple: They’re not as good as Ireland…or New Zealand…or Wales (clearly). I’m a patriarch, not a Nationalist. I don’t believe my country is better than anyone elses simply because I was born in it. But I will support them over any other team on a sporting field. I was born in Ireland and I dislike living in London and performing in the West End. It’s lonely and the people are mean and tired. I don’t really care, I get paid…but I don’t necessarily like it over here because of their philosophies.

In a rugby context I just think England have a lot of words off the field and very little action on the field. I don’t envy them though, their country and media are watching and almost hoping for any flaws and cracks to appear so they can splash it. Basically it comes down to the fact that I think I wouldn’t have been allowed in to a tour of Twickenham thirty minutes late. In fact, I know I wouldn’t. I also think drop goals shouldn’t win games…but that’s just me.

That doesn’t happen in Ireland. We welcome people and bend the rules if it’s fair. The Irish team are looking to Italy and France with hunger in their eyes. We wish they were on today and tomorrow just so we can win and get it over with. Would the games ever come so we can show the international stage that we are 2nd in the world not 6th… but are we 1st in the world?

Sure you’ll just have to wait and see. Paul O’Connell knows the answer, the Irish people all know the answer, you just don’t know it yet. Or maybe you do…you just don’t want to admit it yet.

In two weeks you will switch sides and start cheering with us saying sure, I’m Irish. I was cheering for my side now I’m cheering for you guys… I mean ‘Us’ guys.

We’re all in this together and you’re more than welcome to come in. A sea of green is coming for Italy, France, Argentina, Wales and finally New Zealand. If we win or lose, it’s still coming…and we’re gonna have a great time showing the world what Irish respect and play means.


Young Older Oldest

Touring Party People

Great Shot left of aviva

Best from Brixton,


Gerry Thornley

Happy Monday

Happy Monday


It’s a good day lads. We’re alive, the weather isn’t dangerously warm or cold and we have breath in our lungs.

Some people are sick, others are lonely, others are perfectly happy in terrible places.

All that matters is that we’re here, all together, on a ball of gas that magically chemically happened.

Have a nice Monday. Here are our favourite two videos at the moment. One is a sick piano performance, the other is a tolerance and recognition video prepared by our friends at Buzzfeed.

We also get to meet Nicole Kidman, Matt Cardle and Beverley Knight tonight which is exciting so stay tuned.

Hope y’all are well, peace up – A town,


Why Did Wales beat England

Why Did Wales Beat England

Because they are better

I’m gonna bullet point this post because a) it’s easier to read and b) there’s a World Cup on and I want to watch it.

  • Wales are a better team
  • Wales played better on the day
  • Wales didn’t intentionally injure any player on the other team or kick an opposition player in the head or shoulder charge them to force them off in a stretcher
  • Wales scored one of the best cross field kick tries ever
  • Biggar has great bottle and trusts his training completely
  • The wanted to win more
  • Wales have the positive support of their country behind them
  • Wales were the underdogs and were expected to lose. It tastes a lot better when you prove critics extremely wrong
  • Wales were denied home advantage even though they are hosts of the tournament


  • England are so nervous to put a foot wrong
  • There was no leadership
  • Why would you kick for the corner when Farrell is kicking well and your line out is terrible
  • English fans are not helpful. They booed Beckham when he got sent off. His own team booed him. That would never happen in Wales
  • England cannot respect each other enough to play together. Gerrard Rooney Lampard and Robinson just can’t play together even though they would make any team in the world
  • Every team thrives playing England… Because they make stupid videos like Swing Low Sweet Chariot and they drop like flies when you get in their faces
  • England are not as good as New Zealand, Ireland, Australia, Wales, South Africa, France and maybe Argentina on their day. They need to regroup and stop thinking they are the best. Because they’re most certainly not.

A good tough game, very phyric for Wales as they are now playing their third choice fullback and many second team choices. This is unfortunate for them because they really could have made a go of it if they had a full team selection. I saw them in the Millenium against Italy when Halfpenny got injured and they were just a machine unit.

Ireland V Wales would have been an awesome semi final if both sides were at full strength. We’d both still beat England though.

TPJ Productions Ltd

Tiger Paws Junior’s Stories



It’s funny reading Facebook news feeds. So many of my friends in our generation are giving up their degrees and chosen fields that they went to at 17 and are actually doing what they love. There may not have been jobs when they graduated or they just didn’t like it as much as they thought they might but they have gone down different paths.

Sure it’s harder and sure they are struggling…but they all seem to be happier too. When I chose Law at 17 I knew it was my back up degree to singing and acting. I just wanted a good plan in case singing and acting didn’t work. I worked in Holmes O’Malley Sexton for six months under Robert Kennedy after Trinity and didn’t like the practice of it. It didn’t suit me, it was too immoral and I struggled being the bad guy. But, funnily enough, now Robert and the team at HOMS have just helped me set up my first business.

I am happy to announce that Tiger Paws Junior’s Stories is now a LTD company and I am it’s editor. We have a seriously great team of freelance writers including Brix, Rand, Nathan, Anje, Kendall, Ben, Viv, Ho, Dave, Michi and Arthur Lanigan O’Keeffe so it feels like the last four years has been worth it and I am very proud of it.

We try to keep everything short, positive, simple and original with no advertising clogging up there feed. It’s supposed to be free of bad news which the media love to give us these days. I dunno what we’ll sell yet but I’m thinking hardcopy magazine coming out in March 2016. Thanks for reading really. It’s really good tough work but it’s great fuckin craic too.

All the Best from Tipperary, B


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