I think that was a good selfie?

Nathan & Friends RSA

Mini reunion for me, the beautiful Faria & Friends! Just a bit of banter in this exotic bar in the middle of London’s Waterloo, could’t of asked for more.

And my selfie game is better than Bradley Cooper’s while he was at the Oscars.

It’s the small things that count!

As the youngest member of the Tiger Paws family I get caught up with all the boring exams… So while sitting down working hard all through the day and night, I came across this picture (yeah my mind swerved away from education for a bit) which was a sloth – in a cardboard box rocket – in space!!! Now I dont know what got into me,but I just started crying with laughter to my self.

Featured image

Now I know it sounds like I’ve lost the plot, but we all really need to enjoy the small things a little more.

Baby Rabbit


We must do that which we think we cannot – Eleanor Roosevelt

Archers at the Ready

imageWinter is coming, Strangford, Northern Ireland, October 2014

The Happy Fight


Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more – Shakespeare

Meeting New People




People are the reason we’re here. It’d be super boring if you were all alone

The Free Man

He had had a really tough time

L’Homme libre est celui qui sait réver, qui sait inventer sa proper vie – Martin Gray

The free man knows how to dream and how to invent his own life

Why hello

We do what we do…we do it because we can


Mount Congreve, Co. Waterford

A Row of Colour

In the OvalRed Bush

Colours in Trees

Tropical flowers

We got the chance to shoot Mount Congreve gardens yesterday in Co. Waterford, Ireland. The rain and wind really made the colours shine. These are a really beautiful, natural area which is kept so well. We had a lot of fun down there. TPJ x

Shut up and Play Jenga

On the rocks

Some people just get you…everything they say makes you want to shake them and shout ‘Wake up, you are fine, stop worrying and start smiling.’

Skate On, London

Skate On, London

In our experience here, they rarely listen to more than one sentence at a time because they are either thinking of another opinion or a new retort to your solution…

Keep it simple, keep it clean…just say ‘Shut up and Play Jenga’…they can say anything they like after that, nobody can tell you you made an unclear or unreasonable point. Everyone loves Jenga!

Cool tattoo girl


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