He By Faria

He still managed to smell the roses, through the concrete cracks. Imprisoned was his body, but his senses still intact.

He still managed to see the horizon, from behind the isolating walls, he may have been a dreamer, but he was an optimist above all.

He still managed to feel the warmth of his dear mothers affection, as he lay his head on the cold steel bars…it takes disconnection from reality to experience delusional sanity.

and yet he still managed to hear his children’s laughter, regardless of the echoing silence, its wondrous how memories survive, and channelling them is timeless.
And when it was time for food, he could taste the scrumptious fish of the vast red sea, for prison food was not food for an innocent man like he.

New World


Look what we have become,

this facing down community
missing whats going on up there in the world
look what we have become,
using only one hand when we where born with two.
is that what we want to become?
is that really it?
seeing the sunrise but honestly you didn’t notice yet, did you?
waking up and already consuming the negativities from around the globe,
its all about Buts and Tits, likes and hits.
We are getting smaller but since when were we actually taller-
you are swiping faster left then right then your brain can actually decide.
The right person is probably right next to you but you don’t have a clue.
Who are you?
That hot chick from the pic or that nature loving dreamer you have always been?
This world doesn’t exist anymore, only in my dream.
Writing letters to impress is less important than a ASOS dress, you don’t fit in.
People 20 years ago actually walked the street listening to a different beat.
You travelled to meet and not to compete a photo competition.
Pay attention in the morning and you find yourself looking at people but none looking back at you,
facing a screen 583022 million times smaller then this amazing world
There is a world around you, full of jokes and real humans.
Take a look
                                                                                      written by Tree Soul

The Enchantment

The Enchantment

. . . that lies hidden in Cape Town’s mountain ranges.


Deep into the mountains there lies a hidden piece of heaven on earth.

Crystal clear waters stretch out before me, surrounded by luscious green bush, accommodating jubilant bird life.

Observing this enchanting scenery, my mind is cleared from all negativity and a burden is lifted from my shoulders.

Standing here, my body is at peace with itself and all fear melts away.

I draw in a deep breath, allowing myself to drift away into a mesmerizing state of mind, where only I exist and nothing or no one can bring me down, I feel invincible.

Baffled, I am, as to how it is possible for nature to possess such an enchanting demeanour and yet you’ll find conceited individuals who’ll still punish it with their artificial, detrimental filth.

A scenery so unerringly fair and precious will soon be left in anguish if we are not protective of mother nature’s work of art, otherwise we are left with a flaccid and tedious environment.

‘Tis up to us to redeem that which has already been damaged! We need nature and the nature needs us!

I am honoured to have such beauty on my doorstep, in Africa, but I fear for the day that there will be nothing left to see if the man puts his own selfish desires of scraping such beautiful land for his personal use before those of nature.

Nature belongs too all of us, it is there so that we can admire and embrace it, not demolish and scrape it.

By Princess

He’s on his way to Doha

He’s on his way to Doha, Qatar for a Champion of Champions Race!


Outside fad portrau euros

Arthur is heading over to Doha for a big race. We caught up with him before he left to see what the story was?


1.So your new Vlog is out and your definitely getting the hang of it. How do you find filming and training at the same time?

I actually really love filming and documenting my training and competitions. Since i started filming my results in pentathlon have sky rocketed and i definitely think it brings an element of fun into training that didn’t previously exist so its awesome. 


2. What’s Doha all about?

I am flying over on Tuesday for an invite only competition called the Champion of Champions. Basically it gives me a chance to take on the other continental champions plus a few world cup winners. It’s still very early days this season to be competing but I’m looking forward to see what kind of shape I’m in and to get some awesome video Footage.


3. What’s on the playlist morning of the race. Is there any song u always listen to?

300 Violin Orchestra by Jorge Quintero
Heart of Courage by Thomas Bergerson
Fortune Days by The Glitch Mob
Fight Music by D12

These songs are getting my heart pumping at the moment and will be in my morning playlist for sure.

4. Which autobiographies do you love the most and why?

Michael Phelps – No Limits. I love this book because unlike lots of other sports autobiographies it dives deep into the training, mindset and handwork that it takes to be a champion and who better to learn that from than the most decorated Olympian of all time.

5. What’s your idea of the perfect day off?

My rest day is Sunday and i have two perfect ways to spend them. The way i spend my rest day depends entirely on the intensity of the training week. If I’m really tired my perfect day is a LONG lie in followed by a big brunch and really good coffee. I would then follow it up with lots of movies with friends. The other way i spend my Sundays If i have the energy is to do random activities, Something completely different to everyday life e.g. Go Karting, Cliff Jumping, Road Trips, BBQ’s etc. This keeps life fresh and interesting and means when i get ready to train again on monday I’m motivated and happy to be there.

Here’s the latest vlog: 264 days to go hey…exciting!



We’ll let ye all know how it goes for him. Best of luck man. Go get’em!



Happiness by Faria

Please do not look for happiness underneath the layers I wear, Underneath the skin I was born into, Or underneath my Thick Curly hair. Not because I will not strive to make you happy, but because I cannot fathom what you will do when I am not there.

I want you to be happy first…without me, then, when I am by your side. I want you to be able to see the light in day, not through my eyes…but through your own, because you have the ability to… but you rely on me, before you rely on you.

I want to know, that when I have to go… you will not hide away, that you will not allow your beautiful soul to decay, Due to the lack of motivation, and the lack of reason, because life makes no sense when you have nothing to believe in…. I understand your pain. I feel it too. But the truth is, soon I will have to leave and I will no longer physically be with you.

I will not be there when you come home after a long cruel day, I will not be there when you just want to wrap yourself around me, because the warmth of my hugs and the tenderness of my kisses, remind you that no matter how tough it is out there, you can still find peace…within my presence.

But I will be there mentally, I will be there on the other end of the phone, I will be there behind a screen, Staring straight at you, Promising I will try my best, to once again be with you.

But you need to promise me this…That I will not be your only source of happiness. As uplifting and flattering as that is, I cannot bare the thought of it. I want you to be happy first, without me, then happy with me. I want you to see the light of day past me, and not through me.

The Big Picture

It was probably 2 months ago or more since I shared the trailer for this film but after a long wait I’m now allowed to publicly share this lovely inspiring film with you all.

Synopsis: Amelle is a 25 years old aspiring Artist. She is living a safe and boring life working every day in mundane jobs. Amelle falls asleep and sees her 10 years old younger self in her dream. Following the conversations, lessons, and journey of big and little Amelle she wakes up inspired to change her life today.
Enjoy the film

Baby Rabbit x


Namibia’s King . . .

. . . and his cubs.

Known for his majestic appearance, valiant demeanour and physical strength, it is no wonder that the African Lion is one of Namibia’s most prized possessions.

I had the privilege of observing the King of the wild’s hunting ritual, at the Etosha National Park, and I was left speechless by this sacred event in which the King hunts and therefore provides for the rest of his pride, consisting of 6 lionesses and 9 cubs.

The pride has to follow the specific order in which they feed, starting with the King and followed by his entourage.

Never have I ever seen anything more exact, yet enchanting.

Hearing a lion roar to declare his victory or to warn off opposing threats to his family, sends chills down my spine, as the sound of a thunder, powerful and fiercely confident, pierce through my ears

I am baffled as to why anyone would want to hunt one of these beauties as a trophy, these animals do not belong on the wall of a hunter’s living room, but rather in the animal kingdom, where they act as the top predators and rightful King’s of the wild.

Maybe if people were to STOP hunting them, we would be able to redeem their numbers, which enables us to have a better chance of discovering their whereabouts and being able to appreciate their beauty that lies within the heart of the wild, Namibia.

It is a cruel and poignant act, killing one of these magnificent animals for the selfish desire to have him hanging from a wall, where no one can admire his leadership skills, family values or bravery which are only seen in his natural habitat .

Save and protect our lions, their lives matter just as much as ours!

by Princess



By Tree Soul


Having a little hope,

Hope in yourself or by yourself or simply in your surroundings.

Lately it hasn’t been easy…
In 2015 – we lost a lot but we keep growing day by day and the harder it will get, the more we bond and appreciate.

We will not let anyone else take over our ability to control ourselves.
Living in a world where many things are going completely wrong and it seems like all we can do is pray…

“standing here, watching it”.

Yes, that is what we have become but if we CAN’T stand it, we are the only ones who can make a change.

Standing strong is what we will be doing. Standing strong for each other…
One by one we will build up and at the end we will be the last ones standing, singing and praying together side by side, the hummingbirds lead the melody and our voices will be heard.

We are who we are and where we are because we are strong, because someone believes in us.

16th of November 2015         by       Tree Soul

There is beauty in . . .

. . . the simplicity of life, love and nature.

Beauty surrounds us, yet we are too conceited to allow it to penetrate our souls.

But still we remain baffled by its unerring elegance, which we refuse to enchant us with its grace and magnificence.

It does not only lie in the eye of the beholder but in the touch of the zealous as well as in the mind of the acceptive.

We live in a tedious world as a result of not being able to fathom the beauty there is in the simplicity of  life, love and nature.

By simply opening our eyes and heart to what surrounds us, we obtain a feeling of gratitude in the smallest of beauties and we derive a pleasurable concept of our environment.

It is a mere choice on how we choose our lookout on the beauty there is around us, we can either redeem the life that is found in the beauty of our souls or we leave our souls in an inanimate state.

Find the beauty . . . and let it move you.

by Princess

Arthur’s Journey: Part 4

Arthur’s Journey: Part 4

flag euros

Arthur has been low key since winning the Euros. The self-confessed workaholic, trainaholic and motivator actually had some time to chill after the Euros in Bath.

Arthur competed in London 2012 and has come back stronger. He has qualified as the highest ranking European contender for Rio in the Modern Pentathlon. He’s training every day from now until Rio. He has a shot and he’s up for it…

I asked him a few questions via Facebook the other day:

1. How have u been doing since the Euros?

I have been great, I have had a fantastic few weeks off with family & friends which recharged the battery’s and I’m now I’m in week 7 of training and I’m more motivated and fitter than ever. LIFE IS GOOD

hug euros

2) That’s savage man. How did you rest up and recover?

I flew to the Greek islands the day after I competed in the European champs and then spent the last two weeks of my break catching up with friends in Ireland.

3) We hear you are into charity work also. Any strong opinions on animal welfare or homelessness?

These are two topics I feel strongly about and if I can make a difference by contributing that’s great. I also love the positive vibe and energy TPJ puts out its infectious and love it for that. My next blog is being filmed as we speak and should be out within the next week.

4) That’s great. We’ll post it next Monday so! What’s in the is playlist at the moment? I always love that question!

Hmmm I have a lot……but the ones I’m listening to most this winter for training are:

  • Pure Grinding by Avicii
  • Let It Go by Laid Back Luke
  • Fight Music by D12 Devil’s Night
  • Desire Gryffin Remix

5) And When is your next competition?

I have been invited to compete at the Champion Of Champions competition in Doha (Qatar) I compete on the 28th of November which is exciting, I am really looking forward to seeing where my fitness is at for this time of year.

Outside fad portrau euros

Tune in next week for some more @ArthurLOK1 insights.

Much Love,



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