Nuoro Bus Station – August 29th

imageAll it takes is a question, and you get to meet someone new. What a great Spanish guitarist!



Royals – Sarah Stone Cup Song Cover

On the day that’s in it, filled with leaked nudity, wars on foreign soils and general transfer window mayhem, we would just like to say to everyone who is reading this – Chill the hell out. Life is Simple, don’t listen to the media, don’t worry about words, don’t listen to the shit people spout. They’re just bored people who want to take advantage of other people. In every walk of life, no matter where, just bring a cup, find the heart beat and listen to Royals. 

Here is music, it makes sense and takes time to master. Ms. Stone, well done if you see this. You made is happy. Have a nice day everyone, TPJ x

Our Last Night in Sardinia

Beach, Beer, Beautiful Bella Vita

Beach, Beer, Beautiful Bella Vita

image image image image

Our last night in Sardinia. What a wonderful, beautiful Island full of welcoming and friendly people. I will miss it terribly. He is ready to get back to work, I want to stay. But I’m a teddy bear, so I can’t bloody say anything can I? Suppose I’m gonna have to go with him and watch him dance like a fairy. Tonight was good though…FlexKom for everyone.

Joke of the night: How many Ladies on their Periods does it take to change a lightbulb?


Go smash the day, Love TPJ x



imageSlight in joke…but it’s pretty easy to follow. If something is good, it’s Flexkom, if it’s bad it’s no Flexkom. They took me on a wicked night out…super super cranky now. I took this photo, the yellow hibernation battler is in this and his sorrela.image

Nearly time for Hibernation, can’t wait. TPJ x


A Sea Urchin Friend


Though his spines may be prickly,

And his insides may be poisonous,

I still found his joke about

The Shark fin to be humourous.


We made it

imageimageWe made it!!! Thank the sweet baby Jesus. In retrospect it was a great adventure. As soon as I  saw my passport and bag safe from Sassari (it decided to go there instead) we hit off for Cala Gonone. It is beautiful. Met all my old pals from five days ago and the Xena warrior princess met his sister. Gonna hit the beaches today on south coast. Gonna meet some new people, maybe fall in love. Who knows!

Wishing you you all a bene vita, TPJ x


Last Night

Hi lovely people,

So the yoga warrior and myself left Olbia right after I sent my last post. We almost missed the bus after waiting 4 hours in the cafe and then when we got on it, it appeared to be some sort if monster that wished for our deaths. Like seriously, Sardinian buses are a pile if Shite. 

We get onto to the bus and I can’t stand the site of him any longer. I immediately go to the girlhat is sitting opposite us. She was beautiful, he was not, so off I go into her arms and sleep soundly against her touch. The bald, dancing princess gets angry, turns on his music and tries to sleep. I’m become happy when I realise that he can’t. 

Cut to three hours later, Nuero. No buses on to Cala Gonone as it’s 10.30pm, tired eyes, no taxis in this town and a bag that was still on the bus. 

Oh how I laughed!

But to be fair to Manuel, he started chatting to these to girls who had just got off the bus. They explained that Nuero had zero taxis in it (like Zero) and there was a 3km walk to the town and a three kilometre walk in the opposite direction to the bus company which now possessed his green bag. He rang them, they weren’t open but if they found the bag they would store it until tomorrow. He could see the bus drive off into the distance. You win this one universe!

He asked the girls were there any B&Bs close? They said no. Nuero is a small town and there weren’t any near. Just one of those nights really…and please bear in mind the hangover, the sweet baby Jesus, hangover. 

Then the young girl smiled at his sullen face and made a phone all to her mum and uncle. He had a room for €40 which the small fat Irish boy took with open arms. They also offered him a lift to the B&B. it is like I always try to say – Never doubt humanity and it’s affection to kindness. The owner of the hotel, Mario, is a legend. You could tell that from first glance.

Cut to this morning awakening in the Sardinian Hills in a beautifully run hotel called Apposentu Hotel with the nicest breakfast ever. Sore heads appear to be gone and happiness may return momentarily. Now just off to get the missing bag, hopefully his passport is still inside. Feckin idiot!  

Much Love and Laughter, 









Nice breakfast

Nice breakfast


Beauty is...

Beauty is…


Short Listed Blog Awards Ireland

image  image


So the gorgeous people at Blog Awards Ireland 2014 think it’s wise to glorify us with the nod of funny blog when we are trying to be all serious and arty. The bastards chopped us from the best photography section so now we have to stand toe to toe with Waterford Whispers and all the others who are just so much more funny than we are. Instant failure, thanks Blog Awards. TPJ x

Hi everyone, sorry about my stupid tiger. He’s a dickhead when he is hungover. We went out last night, and we went out hard. Feeling rough sitting in a coffee shop for hours waiting for a bus! Then I got the email. Really worked me up for about fifteen minutes, then I went back to wanting to pull my fingernails off. Bloody Ichnusa man, and then Jameson. Why God why. Thank you again for your support. Hope you like the read and get a few laughs. Best wishes from Sardinia, Brian

Weird & wonderful family

Family is hugely important to many and each family have their ways of having fun. I guess my family are slightly on the wacky side when it comes to spending time together.

Here are some pictures from Madame Tussaudsand in London showing the trouble we get uo to.









It would be cool to know the crazy stuff you guys do with your family, no matter how wacky or awkward it may be!

A really good friend

Olbia, Sardinia August 2014

Olbia, Sardinia August 2014

Met a really good friend today. Fate is fate, coincidence doesn’t exist. 


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